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Top 50 Desktop Themes, Screensavers and Wallpapers

Ferrari Screensavers

Ferrari Screensaver
Screen Saver includes over 75 images of many new and old ferraris such as the 328 GTS, 348, 360, 456, 512TR, 550, F355, F40, F50, F60, Mondial and Mythos. 20 transitional effects between pictures, you choose the time each picture is display. Enjoy!
(4178 Kb)

Ferrari Screensaver
Beautiful Ferrari wallpapers packed in this nice screensaver. F40, F50, F360, F550 and more. Check out my site for more downloads !!
(1383 Kb)

Ferrari Sportscars Screensaver
Would you like to have a Ferrari of your own? Now you can have 7! Just get this screensaver.
(1392 Kb)

Ferrari Screensaver V2.0 Screensaver
Ferrari Screensaver update new Ferrari pictures. Enjoy ! Check my site www.fredscorner.nl for more downloads !!

Ferrari Winamp Skins

Ferrari Winamp Skin
please em-ail me with suggestions.

Ferrari Wallpapers

Ferrari 360 Modena Spider Wallpaper
Very nice wallpaper of the Ferrari 360 Modena Spider. -- Check my site for more downloads --

Ferrari Badge Wallpaper
The most beautiful badge in the world FERRARI !!. -- Check my site for more downloads --

Ferrari 360 Gt 1024x768 Wallpaper
Beautiful wallpaper of a Ferrari 360 GT !! Size of the wallpaper is 1024x768 but 800x600 is also available !! Check www.fredscorner.nl for more Ferrari downloads

Ferrari 360 Gt 800x600 Wallpaper
Beautiful wallpaper of a Ferrari 360 GT !! Size of the wallpaper is 800x600 but a larger size(1024x768) is also available !! Check www.fredscorner.nl for more Ferrari downloads

Ferrari Desktop Themes

Ferrari Desktop Theme
A ferrari desktop theme for the Ferrari Fan Including all the usually stuff. Not satisfied ? Money back.
(555 Kb)

Ferrari F355 Desktop Theme
A theme of the Ferrari F355
(467 Kb)

Ferrari Modena F360 Desktop Theme
Ferrari Modena F360 theme with Ferrari: icons, cursors and the sounds of the incredible F360 are included that makes for one awseome theme! System icons included in an .ICL library format as well.

Ferrari Hotbars

Ferrari 2 Hotbar
Its fast, sleek, above all another ferrari

Ferrari 550 Hotbar
Its fast, sleek, red and above all a ferrari

Yellow Ferrari Hotbar
A great looking HotBar with a yellow Ferrari on it.

Ferrari ICQ Skins

Ferrari 360 Spider Update ICQ Skin
This is an update of "Ferrari 360 Spider". It has new buttons and its a lot smaller file size. Enjoy!

Heather Graham Wallpaper

Christian Slater Screen Saver

Sugababes wallpaper

Spring Flowers Screensaver

A Thunderbolt Screensaver

Amber Wallpaper

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Summer Screensaver

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Tigers Screensaver

Billy Zane 2 Yahoo Messenger Skin

Bad Taste Wallpaper Screensaver Desktop Theme

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Hugh Jackman Screensavers

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