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Top 50 Savers

Ladies Screensavers

Mucha Ladies Screensaver
Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha loved lovely ladies, many of which appear in this animated screensaver.

Tissots Ladies Screensaver
Impressionist Tissot painted lovely ladies in lovingly rendered elaborate clothing. Theme available separately.

Irish Ladies Screensaver
These Irish ladies want to wish you Happy St. Pattys Day. Has matching wallpaper. Music Irish Wassh Woman. Created by JEANIE

Elegant Ladies Screensaver
Beautiful paintings of victorian and modern ladies. Music Venus. Created by JEANIE
(1799 Kb)

Victorian Ladies Screensaver
Very pretty pictures of Victorian woman and their children. Music Silhouette. Has matching Theme Victorian Mom and 2 wallpapers. Created by JEANIE
(2072 Kb)

Ladies Wallpapers

Ladies In Sheer Black Wallpaper
Beautiful ladies in sheer black 600x800
(44 Kb)

A Pasel Desktop For ladies with deep purple backgrond Wallpaper
A colorful Abstract Desktop for Ladies with pastel Psychodelics and deep Purple backgound with Depth.Created by Wolfman Art
(146 Kb)

Coca Cola Ladies Wallpaper
Wonderful picture of 7 Coca Cola ladies. Enjoy Jeanie

Colorful Wallpaper For Ladies Wallpaper
Pastels and pleasant patterns for ladies who are artistic.Created by Wolfmanmoonhowl77@hotmail.com

Coyote Ugly Ladies Wallpaper
Lots of wallpaper of the Sexiest women on the planet, including Alyssa Milano, Angelina Jolie, Anna Kournikova, Britney Spears, Carmen Electra, Eliza Dushku, Jennifer Lopez, Joanna Taylor, Katherine Heigl at www.landofbirds.net.......

Waiting Ladies Wallpaper
Includes both 1024x768 and 800x600 high color wallpapers. Desktop theme and screensaver also available.

Ladies Desktop Themes

Ladies Room Cats Desktop Theme
Okay, Girls, its Ladies Night out...and these Ladies are having a howl of a good time Fun cat sounds and music called Ladies Night play throughout. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face
(2089 Kb)

Ladies Night Out midievil times Desktop Theme
A theme of ladies during the middle ages walking through a forest.
(205344 Kb)

Tissots Ladies Desktop Theme
Impressionist Tissot painted lovely ladies in lovingly rendered elaborate clothing. Many of his ladies are also featured in the screensaver available separately.
(3044 Kb)

Ladies Choice Desktop Theme
Another one for romantics. The things ladies really do like. Lovely wallpaper, lovely colours.
(656 Kb)

Barenaked Ladies Live Desktop Theme

(1,861 Kb)

Beautiful Ladies Desktop Theme

(945 Kb)

Ladies Of The Sky Desktop Theme
A fantasy wallpaper of women warriors flying their dragons into battle. Includes icons, pointers and sounds to match.

Ladies Waiting Desktop Theme
Both Ladies are waiting for theit Lord and Master to come home. Includes original high color wallpaper set to stretch to 1024x768 or 800x600, Bouncing Swords screensaver with mutable music, icons, system sounds, cursors, start and shutdown screens.

Ladies Hotbars

Ladies Night Out Midievil times Hotbar
A Hot Bar based of my Ladies Night out Theme. Ladies taking a stroll through the forest.

Ladies Outlook Stationeries

Coke Ladies Outlook Stationery
Wonderful picture of the Coca Cola Ladies from years gone by. Enjoy Jeanie

Batman Wallpaper

Evanescence Screen Saver

Eminem wallpaper

Beyonce Knowles Screensaver

Aruba Sunset Desktop Theme

Boo From Tweety Wallpaper

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Tyra Banks Screensaver

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Sunflower Wallpaper

Surfing Wallpaper

Yosemite Sam Wallpaper

Seal Wallpaper

Snowman Desktop Theme

Exotic Desktop Theme

Frankenstein Desktop Theme

Wild animals Wallpaper

Raptor Wallpaper

Monkey Wallpaper

Brother Bear Wallpaper

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Screensaver